Sunday, April 21, 2013

day trip to new orleans

To celebrate our third anniversary, Mrs. H and I decided go to New Orleans for a quick getaway. Growing up on the Gulf Coast, trips to New Orleans were a fairly frequent occurrence in my family, so I certainly have my favorite memories and spots (esp. Cafe du Monde and high tea at the Windsor Court Hotel).

Apparently the rest of the world was celebrating something too because they were all in New Orleans, meaning the line to be seated at Cafe du Monde was obnoxious. So we improvised - our specialty - and went to Cafe Beignet. Great choice! The beignets were a bit more substantive, and I liked how the texture changed from the outer layer to the inner layer. For a husband who's trying to be sugar free at the request of his wife, it was a great way to spend a splurge.

Lovin' some Chicory Coffee

After breakfast we decided to head Uptown to escape the beautiful chaos around the French Quarter.  We went to Mrs. H's favorite store - more on that later - and a great lunch spot recommended by a former resident - Coquette. The bread was delicious, and I could've eaten the warm homemade butter by the spoonful. Everything else was great too!

Mrs. H got butternut cavatelli

Amazing burger. Bun was the best part.

After lunch, we took a walk and talked about our favorite - and least favorite - houses. In heaven we might be stellar design team, so we like to practice now. The creole cottages in New Orleans are my favorite, so simple and beautiful. 

La Divina was the perfect way to finish our day, with gelato made from scratch. I had vanilla and Mrs. H had mango. My favorite thing though was that they served tastes on a steel spoon - much more humane than a opaque plastic spoon.

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