Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"if you're going to San Francisco..."

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The Mama's and the Papa's advised those going to San Fran to wear flowers in their hair. Here at the mr.&mrs.h guide, we advise you to add another item to your list when heading to the City by the Bay... make a stop by Tartine Bakery.

Yesterday was my (mrs. h) birthday. I would give anything for the days when we lived in NorCal and would celebrate my b'day in SF. I made sure that we went to Tartine for breakfast to get a morning bun - my favorite. And, we'd usually make another stop that afternoon for a loaf of fresh baked bread--that is if we made it in time. The line starts before 4:30 p.m. (approximately the time when the loaves come out of the oven) if you don't get in line in time you'll miss your chance to taste the heavenly treat of Tartine's bread... plus what could be more perfect than enjoying bread in the city where sourdough became famous? (They have great lunch items too - salad/sandwiches, etc - if you're in the Mission District around lunchtime.)

So, if you're going to San Francisco be sure to stop by Tartine with some flowers in your hair.

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