Wednesday, July 3, 2013

mi cocina - highland park

HP's Tex-Mex Mecca

If everything is bigger in Texas then it's really big in The Big D! Dallas will always have a special place in my heart. I lived there for four years and had so many wonderful adventures and memories during that time! Since leaving Dallas, I've realized there are some things that no state can offer other than The Lone Star State. The top item on that list is Tex-Mex. To me it is the perfection of Mexican-American cuisine and no state can rival it. Even California with it's strong Mexican roots can't hold a candle to Tex-Mex. 

Mambo Taxi = ¡Delicioso! 

I have several favorite Tex-Mex spots in Texas... some are hole-in-the-wall dives and others totally reflect the upscale glamour of cities like Dallas and Houston.  Today's highlight is definitely the latter. Mi Cocina (a.k.a. "Mi Co's") is sexy Tex-Mex. From the atmosphere to the clientele, it oozes a sleekness that is fitting for the Highland Park Village vibe. (Mi Co's has several different locations now, but my go-to was always HP Village, so I can't speak for the rest.) And, the food...!! It's what I still crave on a weekly basis even after being gone for more than four years. 

HP Village, how I love thee!

Below, I've listed my top picks from their menu. You really can't go wrong though. And, don't leave without getting a Mambo Taxi -- Mi Co's most famous concoction. It's a heavenly mixture of frozen margarita and Mi Co's special sangria. But, don't drink too many Mambo Taxis or you will be taking a taxi home... they are potent. Here's another tip: After dinner, stroll on over to the Village Theater for their paciugo gelato! Then catch a movie or get the gelato to-go and do a little "window shopping walk" around the Village (that's always my favorite).

Mrs. H's favorites at Mi Cocina:
- guacamole
- chile con queso (mouthwatering goodness)

- Nachos al Carbon (They are officially an appetizer, but I always order them as my go-to entree. 
  Also, I usually order half chicken and half beef fajita. Two can spilt this if you don't want to be stuffed.)
- Lucy Changa (a.k.a. the Cocina Changa)

- Mambo Taxi

Paciugo at the Village Theatre... mmm, mmm good!

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