Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mix Sweet Shop | Ashland, OR

There are few things I love more than a good bakery. Bakeries make me happy -- a trip to a bakery normally includes a sweet treat, which always brightens my day, plus most bakeries have happy interiors that make the world feel right again. Mix Sweet Shop in Ashland, Oregon provides both. 

Not only do they have delectable pastries but they also have incredible gelato/ice cream (Mr. H's favorite food group) and coffee (my "love language" is coffee), so clearly we were sold on Mix the first time we went. A forewarning if you want somewhere to sit and relax, this small shop probably isn't your place. That doesn't bother us because when in Ashland we like to take our treats to-go and peruse the shops along Main Street or stroll through the park. Walking around Ashland with a Mix goody in hand and Mr. H by my side is at the top of my list! Mmmhhh, I'm craving a pastry and coffee now. 

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