Monday, August 5, 2013

the wythe hotel | brooklyn

We're passionate people, we love life, people, and clearly we love hospitality. One of our other passions is historic preservation. We love when people do something new and creative with an old building instead of tearing it down. Old buildings have so much character, history, and personality that is impossible to recreate. When we found out about Wythe Hotel we were enamored because it was the epitome of two of our passions combined in one hotel... hospitality and historic preservation!

The Wythe is housed in an old factory on the waterfront in Brooklyn. We are crazy about the hotel's design and concept. Isn't it great? I love the high ceilings and the exposed brick. And, the wallpaper is ahh-may-zing! Clearly a room with a waterfront view is desirable, but I'd be just as happy without it because I adore the rooms with the commissioned ESPO art that mimics the painted brick ads of the past!  Next time we're in Brooklyn, I know where I want to stay!



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