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Local's Look @ LA | Trisha Wheeler from A Glittery Life

We're thrilled to have Trisha Wheeler on the Mr.&Mrs.H Guide today! Trisha is not only the makeup guru behind A Glittery Life (ladies, if you haven't subscribed already, her YouTube channel is a must for amazing beauty tips), but she's also an artist and a dear friend of ours who impacted our lives deeply when we lived in Northern California. Since then we've moved twice and Trisha has made her way back down to her roots in SoCal. No matter where Trisha is, she finds beauty and creates beauty. So, it's a treat to see the beauty of LA through the eyes of Trisha Wheeler! 

M&MH: To start, what do you love most about LA?
TW: Well so far what I love most about this crazy city is the culture.  Music, art, fashion, food, faces, architecture…each block has something new to offer.  LA is really made up of a million little cities and communities and each one has a distinct feel and flavor.  The other thing that makes LA so special is that she is made up of dreamers.  Everyone here is at some stage of chasing or realizing a dream, which means the city is made up of equal parts hope and heartache.  It’s an interesting but beautiful tension to live in, but I love that everyone I meet is trying to live out their dreams!  

{I love living in a city that celebrates art and street art is very much a part of the LA art scene!}

M&MH: Favorite _______?
TW: Well my answers are all going to be coming from a normal person’s world.  I’m not living large in LA so I’m not going to list any of the spots you read about in the tabloids!  This is LA food non-baller status.  However, these are the places I think about when I’m hungry!

Saturday Brunch at Hugo’s.  It’s always a toss up for me between the BYO omelet, Cinnamon Swirl French Toast or the Almond energy Pancakes.  And it just depends on how clean I am eating that week or how bad the traffic has been.  They are all about the organic everything so you can feel good about what you’re putting in your body.  There happens to be a Hugo's right behind my building so I never have to find a parking space!

John’s Garden in Malibu.  I work in Malibu three days a week and if I get to choose our lunch spot it’s always John’s Garden.  Their sandwiches are legendary in Malibu.  It’s a favorite for locals and tourists alike.  The guys are friendly and will get to know you by name and order.  I get the surfer/princess every time!  It’s heaped with roasted turkey, the freshest avocado and lettuce etc.  Warning though, it’s definitely a sharing size sandwich!  Half is all I can manage!  It’s a walk-up stand and I always enjoy sitting outside eating and people watching.  The thing about Malibu is you never know who you’re going to run into.  And Malibu has such a cool beachy vibe that you can’t help but relax!

Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica.  Their menu is seasonal which is great because everything is fresh and fits your mood!  It’s located in the heart of trendy Santa Monica and is always busy.  A reservation from open table is always a must.  They also have a great selection of beer from Artisanal Beers, American Craft Brews and a few from Germany, Japan and Belgian.  My snobby beer friends are always impressed.  My favorite approach to Rustic Canyon is family style eating.  Go with a few friends and order a bunch of different plates and then share them all so you can have a rich culinary experience!

 Coffee shop 
Intelligentsia CoffeeI actually don’t drink coffee.  But every once in awhile I will find myself at Intelligentsia with an iced coffee in my hand.  I’m a non drinking coffee: coffee snob.


➺ Health/Wellness 
For this I have to say Urth Caffé in Santa Monica.  It’s definitely one of my favorite food/drink spots in LA.  It’s all organic and there are 4 or 5 locations in LA.  I always have a tough time deciding on what to order but I will say that the pot roast sandwich will melt in your mouth and it has showed up in my dreams!  It’s so good!  And, for breakfast I love the fresh grapefruit bowl!  My favorite is to sit on the back patio with some great friends and share life over good tea and delicious healthy food!

 Sweet spot (ice cream, cupcakes, dessert spot, etc) 
Carmela Ice Cream at Artisan Creamery in Pasadena!  I die over their organic homemade Brown Sugar Vanilla Bean and Salted Caramel ice cream with salted caramel sauce poured all over it!  It’s a drive to get there but worth it every once in awhile!!!  Go with some friends and then plan on sitting on a nearby curb while your mouth goes to ice cream heaven for a few moments! 

{Here is the menu from Carmela!  Expect the line to be out the door!}

Second to Carmela is this amazing little organic cotton candy cart called Bon Puf.  The owner is this hip young entrapreneauer Named Cloe and you can actually rent her cart for a party!  My favorite flavor is The Aloha! It’s banana, coconut & watermelon swirled together for a tropical treat.  And guess what?!?!?!?!  You can add edible glitter to it!!  

{Bon Puf}

Well so far I haven’t met a food truck I didn’t like!  LA is the land of the gourmet food trucks!  You can get fresh organic juices, lobster sandwiches, sliders, hotdogs 500 different ways, organic salads, truffle grilled cheese and of course tacos!  And these are just a few of your choices!  I won’t even go into the cupcake trucks!!!  During the summer months all the food trucks gather in Venice for first Fridays and it’s food truck paradise.  Through out the rest of the year you can find them just off main street on Tuesdays also in Venice.  Truth be told I’ve barely even scratched the surface when it comes to the food truck community but first Fridays has been a great introduction to the goodness that is created in those mobile kitchens!  

M&MH: Favorite shops? What are their goods?  
TW: Well, I’m a beauty products junkie so I’m always excited to see a LUSH, Sephora or MAC store.  But, there is great shopping all over LA.  I enjoy the atmosphere if shopping at the 3rd street Promenade in Santa Monica because of all the street performers.  But, the Grove has a cool vibe too as well as being home to LA’s only TopShop.  And, if you have an endless supply of cash then you better make your way over to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. And for really cool shops with a wide variety of price points I love Montana street in Santa Monica.  There are so many cool boutiques and places to eat there.  I always come home with something cool.

M&MH: Your "must see or do" while in LA...
TW: My list of must see’s are: watch the sunset at Zuma Beach in Malibu, picnic on the back lawn of the Getty, visit to Disneyland, shopping at the 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica, and take a late afternoon/early evening trip up to Griffith Observatory.

{One of my favorite places to watch the sunset in Malibu!  The cliffs by Zuma Beach.}

{The gardens at The Getty}

{Enjoying a warm summer walk around the gardens at The Getty}

{Celebrating our birthdays at Disneyland! This is my best friend Danielle.}

{Sunset up at Griffith Observatory on a warm spring evening.}

M&MH: Are there any cool markets (farmers markets, flea markets, etc)? 
TW: There are a million good farmers markets in this city!  They are easy to find and have the best prices for organic fresh produce! 

As far as flea markets go The Melrose Trading Post is the one you can’t miss!  It’s open rain or shine every Sunday from 9am-5pm in the parking lot of Fairfax High School.  The vendors are top notch and have some of the most interesting and unusual items I’ve ever seen.  The best part for me is that the price of admission goes straight to funding the arts at the high school and they have raised millions of dollars for their arts programs over the years! 

M&MH: Where do you go when the weather's perfect and you want to bike/walk/run/etc. or have picnic? 
TW: I love to ride my beach cruiser bicycle along the beach from the north end of Venice through Santa Monica and into the southern part of Malibu.  It’s a beautiful stretch of the coastline and makes for a nice ride.  Plus there is no end to the interesting people and things you will see.  And if you’re here for a visit there are plenty of spots to rent a bike along the beach! 

My favorite place to have a picnic is up at the Getty.  It’s an incredible museum that overlooks the Beverly Hills/Brentwood/ Westwood part of town.  It’s on top of a mountain and the views of the city from the backside are beautiful.  The best is to grab food from Trader Joes and head over there in the late afternoon.  The museum is free but you do have to pay for parking.  I love to sit on the back lawn with friends and just hang out.  It’s so pretty, peaceful and relaxing!  I think it feels like you are out of the city!

{The Backside of the Getty in the gardens on a hot summer day with my friend Micaela.}
M&MH: Is there a touristy spot that's actually worth the visit while in LA?
TW: Well, I try and avoid Hollywood, and the surrounding area, as much as possible because it’s so crazy and dirty, but most tourists want to go see the Walk of Fame. And, I get why but once in a lifetime is enough!   I’ve not been to the LA zoo yet but people keep telling me how great it is, so I will be trying that as soon as the weather cools off!  I love all of our amusement parks so I think those are worth it!  Especially if you are visiting LA between September and May!  The lines will be short and the parks won’t be so crowded!  Disneyland on a Tuesday or a Wednesday in the off season will have 5 minute wait times for the best rides!  You can’t beat that!

{My friend Kassie and I going Back to the Future at Universal Studios!}

M&MH: Is there anything else you'd tell a tourist not to miss if they really want the local's experience while in LA?  
TW: Well, I almost hate to give away my favorite restaurant!  But tucked away on Riverside Drive in Tolucca Lake is a little spot called Sweet Salt.  I actually dream about eating here!  Everything on their menu is amazing and I am currently obsessed with their lettuce cups.  I would eat there everyday of the week if I could.  The staff is super friendly, the place is cute and if you time it right you can get there when the line isn’t out the door! 

M&MH: What does your perfect day in LA look like?
TW: Oh that’s an easy one!  You would find me up at Chavez Ravine with a bunch of friends eating an all beef Dodger dog cheering on the boys in blue!  I’m a huge Dodger fan and I go to as many games a month as I can!  They call Dodger Stadium "Blue Heaven" and after one trip up there and you will know why.  It’s my most favorite place to be in the whole city!  Partly because it’s sentimental for me and reminds me of my childhood, but also because it’s such a beautiful stadium and sunset over the 3rd base line is unreal!  The Dodgers have had such an epic season this year and getting to be part of that has been so much fun!   

{The rush of celebrating after a Dodger victory!  This game went to 13 innings!}

{All Beef Dodger dogs during the opening series this season!}

M&MH: Trisha, thanks so much for sharing the beauty of LA with us! We are dreaming about a trip to LA to try some of your local hotspots and go to a Dodgers game with you. Until then, continue enjoying the "glittery life" in the City of Angles. 

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