Wednesday, September 4, 2013

vert kitchen | denver, co

In her classic '80's hit Belinda Carlisle said, "Heaven is place on Earth" and when I'm at Vert Kitchen I have to agree. There are few things I love more than sitting on Vert's perfectly intimate patio enjoying great conversation over one of the freshest, most flavorful lunches in Colorado.  

Vert uses locally-grown, organic produce and all-natural, sustainable meats and you can taste the difference. All of their sandwiches, salads, and sides have the most mouthwatering flavor combinations... so much so that it's impossible not to steal a bite from your friend just to taste the deliciousness of another heavenly Vert creation. It's located in the charming neighborhood setting of West Wash Park. I can't think of a better way to spend a leisurely, Saturday afternoon in Denver than a walk through Wash Park finished with lunch at Vert. Every time I arrive in the Mile High City, Vert is the first place I want to go eat and it's always the place I crave most when we leave. 

Lastly, don't step a toe outside of Vert's doors without trying their Fleur de Sel cookies. These cookies seriously are a form of heaven of Earth. They are more delectable than words can accurately describe, so just trust me and go try them (and all of Vert's other wonderful offerings) asap!

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