Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Revival Market

On a recent trip to Houston, Mrs. H and I walked from our friends' home in The Heights to Revival Market for a quick cup of coffee. 

Upon entering, we were both incredibly impressed with the clear vision, fantastic display, and cool vibe. 

Greg aka "Dragon"
My attempt to snap an undercover pic of the barista was unsuccessful, which meant I had to introduce myself. The first two times the poor fella said his name, I thought he said "dragon," but it turns out he is actually just Greg. Dragon seemed cooler, so I'm going to stick with it. 

Flat White
Dragon introduced us to the delicious, Australian inspired Flat White, which is similar to a latte but has a higher proportion of microfoam to coffee. The drink itself was delightfully creamy but still strong enough to provide some pep in our step for our walk home. Interestingly enough, when Mrs. H and I flew to Europe the next day, we were confronted by Flat White's at every turn. Looks like Dragon, and Revival, are bringing some much needed Euro-flave to Houstonia. 
-mr. h

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