Wednesday, October 30, 2013

traveling the world with people you love

{I'll never forget walking around Paris with Mr. H. It's a memory that no gift or object could compare with.}

At mr.&mrs.h, we clearly love all travel. But, there's one kind of travel we love most - adventures with the people you love. I remember traveling in college with people I liked, but didn't necessarily love. I would always tell myself, "I want to come back here with a person - or people - I love." 

{Exploring Edinburgh and road-tripping through the UK was such a fun adventure for us.}

When you travel, even if it's near your home, you experience so many amazing sights, sounds, tastes, and emotions. It's wonderful to have the opportunity to travel -  alone or with people. But, I think there's something intangibly valuable about sharing adventures with someone you love. It creates a bond like nothing else because you've experienced things with that person that you could never fully describe to anyone else.

{I'm so glad I had someone to share the little moments of travel... like pulling off the road to explore the ruins of a   Medieval Abbey and watching the sheep in a neighboring field.} 

I am definitely an introvert. I love people and being with people, but I get energized when I'm alone. Still, being alone in a foreign country always leaves me desiring the people I love. I feel like there's something missing when I don't have someone I love to share my experiences with. During my recent trip to Europe with Mr. H, I got to be in Paris with the one I love. It was such a dream come true. I'd been there before, but dreamed of coming back with the love of my life (this was years before I'd met Mr. H). 

{A rainy day in Paris is so much more fun when you have your best friend next to you.}

It was so much fun to walk down the Seine with Mr. H by my side, to experience the beauty of Sainte Chapelle with someone I loved, and share a crepe from a street vendor with him. It made me ponder the material things I want and how I tend to prioritize those over travel, but a trip with someone you love creates a memory that is more valuable than any gift or material item I could receive. That's something to remember as the holidays approach... what about asking for a memory making adventure that will last forever instead of a present that you'll get tired of in a year or two?

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