Wednesday, November 13, 2013

tiny boxwoods | houston

Growing up my parents were always loading us up in the car and taking us somewhere for the weekend. Although I loved traveling, I hated how long it took to get to our destination. Thus, I decided I wanted to invent a machine where you pressed a button and were transported instantly to your destination. Twenty years later, I still wish that machine existed. If it did, I'd transport myself to Houston, grab my friend who lives there, and we'd hit up Tiny Boxwoods for an afternoon snack. This spot is one of the places we went to on our recent trip to Houston and I'm obsessed! 

I love the decor. I love the menu. I love the concept. I love the drinks. And, I love the food. Clearly, I'm a fan. Seriously, the atmosphere feels like you've stepped out of Houston and into a hidden greenhouse in Europe. They pay attention to all the details - from the chalk board fonts to the hosts' and hostesses' uniforms. The House Cheese and Meat Plate and the French Picnic are two of the best cheese plates I've ever had. And, the lemonade is so fresh and full of herbs that make it hands down my favorite lemonade in the U.S. And, there aren't words to describe the deliciousness that is the chocolate chip cookie (they've been named one of Houston's 10 Best Cookies). Bottom line, if you are in Houston and want a great afternoon snack - or a late lunch, you HAVE to go to Tiny Boxwoods!

TINY BOXWOODS // mr.&mrs.h's Late Afternoon picks: 
House Cheese and Meat Plate
French Picnic
Chocolate Chip Cookie

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