Friday, December 6, 2013

Local's Look @ Coronado, CA // a.k.a. My Christmas Wish List

{Santa Ysabel Creek}
{Where the Board Walk Ends}

Right now the Christmas music is playing 24-7 in The Casa de H.  I've gotten our Christmas decorations up and the only thing we have left on the Christmas To-Do List is purchasing those last few presents. If you're having trouble finding that "special something for that special someone," look no further than today's Local's Look! 

{Sea of Grey // Bare // Sherbet}
Artist Gaynor Reynolds is not only one of my favorite artists, but she's also one of my all-time favorite people! She's a free spirit and a true lover of life. Her art embodies the freedom and love that she lives in. I love having (and giving) art that releases life into a home, and that's exactly what Gaynor's work does. 

And, when it comes to gift giving, the best part of Gaynor's art is the variety of her subject matter... you can find something for anyone. I'm personally obsessed with Nostalgia and drooling over Bare, Mr. H wants one of her tarponsSherbet has my sister's name written all over it, my dad would love the Santa Ysabel Creek, and the list goes on! Plus, Gaynor's pieces have a wide price range that can fit many budgets. What's not to love, reasonably priced and insanely beautiful... the perfect gift giving combo! (Be forewarned, her work sells quickly on her new Etsy Shop. If you have your heart set on a piece don't wait! I loved Gold Valley Diptych and it sold.) 

Local's Look @ Coronado // Gaynor Reynolds
{This is a picture of Harry and me in front of our backyard bougainvillea!}
MMH: Favorite _______?
 Coffee Shop/Breakfast Spot - Clayton's serves great coffee and breakfast! Great place for people to go after beach yoga or surfing.  The young bohemian waitresses all wear 40's aprons. Very cute. You will usually sit near a group of young Navy men in their camp... not a bad way to start your morning. (The Naval Air Station is located on Coronado)

 Lunch - LeRoy's! They are an open air restaurant with a wonderful beer selection that rotates weekly.  SoCal farm fresh cuisine. They feature local artist and rotate paintings/artists monthly.  I was the featured artist in August!
{Harris getting friendly with rescue parrot on Orange Ave}
➺ Dinner - Miguel's. Since Mexico is only about 11 miles from Coronado you know the Mexican food is legit.

➺ Etc. (any favorite spot not covered above) - The Hotel Del Coronado is a dream (locals call it "The Del"). It is over 125 years old and the architecture reminds its viewer of a sandcastle. This time of year they have an ice rink on the front lawn overlooking the Pacific. 

{Enjoying a little red vino on the deck of the Del}
MMH: What does you perfect Saturday in Coronado look like?

GR: Harris and I would walk our dogs to the dog beach that backs up to the Navy base.  Then we would stroll along Ocean Blvd. to Orange Ave. and enjoy coffee and breakfast at Clayton's.  We might hit up a good ole Estate Sale on our way home.  We'd change for 11 o'clock Mass at Sacred Heart. Following Mass we would ride our beach cruisers down to the ferry landing and enjoy mango mojitos at Peohe's overlooking San Diego Bay and downtown.  There we would watch the Navy ships and sailboats cruise in and out of port. That afternoon we would head to Spreckles Park for Coronado's delightful "Concert in the Park" (which only runs from May - Sept) - wine, cheese and picnic blanket in hand.  Following the concert we would head to the Del's deck to watch helicopter drills and the sunset.

MMH: Sounds delightful - may we join? 

{Make it to the Sea}

MMH: Gaynor, thanks so much for sharing your favorite spots with us! 

GR: It was fun being reminded of the paradise we do live in.

MMH: After this week's Local's Look, we want to add two tickets to Coronado and several of your paintings our wish list from Santa!!

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