Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Live While We're Young

I know we've been MIA during the month of April. There are several factors - busy schedule and lots of celebration! April is my (Mrs. H) birth month and our anniversary month (whoo hoo)! So, it's always a big month here in the Casa de H. Thus, the blog was pushed aside and we prioritize celebrating life. After a month away from the blog, I realized that it was a good time to start rethinking priorities. 

This week, a friend was talking about prioritizing time by focusing on "faith, hope, and love." She and her husband have decided they are only going to commit to things that result in faith, hope, or love. I thought that was such an awesome way to look at priorities. Because no matter where you are in life, your schedule can control you. And, I for one, want to look back on this life and say I really lived it... not look back and think my schedule of pointless things ruled me. 

After all these deep thoughts about priorities, I came across this blog. It furthered my thoughts about why I do the things I do. At the end of the post, the author asks, "What will you DO and NOT DO to advance your cause in work, love, mission, calling... DREAMS?" 

When I read that, I realized Mr.&Mrs.H (the business & blog - not us as a couple... I know, it gets confusing) was a great thing for us in the past year, but things have shifted. In this new season of working to see our city grow, the blog & business is now something that's pulling me away from my current work and mission at hand.  There are times to let go of things you love in order to serve a greater vision. And, this seems like one of those times. We are going to shut down the website and probably not post much on the blog because although hospitality is a great love for us and one we will continue to pursue in a future season, it's not what we need to do now. This moment in our short lives is one that is devoted to digging our roots down deep in our city to see growth here. And, that's worth sacrificing things we love like travel and working with amazing clients. 

Johnnyswim (some of my favorite artists) just came out with a new album yesterday, I loved the song Live While We're Young (sidenote: the whole album is killer - you need to get it asap). The lyrics of that song seem to sum up the way Mr. H and I have chosen to live life... taking risks and following the dreams in our heart. No matter how old we are, I hope we always live life like we're young. I also hope that the blog's done more than inspire your travel plans. Hopefully, it's inspired you to go after dreams and live life fully whether in your own city or abroad. No matter where you find yourself, you can always live life on the edge. All in all, I guess this is goodbye. As we make the decision to take things off our plate, I hope it inspires you to do the same. Take time to asses what needs to stay and go in your life so you can truly live.

"Save a place at the table for your daughter and son. We'll be out on the highway, fading quick like the sun. Got my hand on my Bible, firm like a gun. While you pray for revival, I'm already living in one. Won't pass up on the danger, I'd miss out on the fun. Make no mistake, we'll live while we're young. We'll chase down the sun. Hands off the break. We can die when we're done. Let's live while we're young. You can barricade these walls and seek surrender with taunts enough to turn a raging sea, but the only way you'll find to quench these embers is killing me." - Johnnyswim, Live Like We're Young



  1. "It is through immersion in the ordinary - the apparently empty, trivial, and meaningless experiences of a routine day - that life/Life is encountered and lived." - Brennan Manning

    Proud of y'all!!!

  2. Favorite blog so far. Lurved it.

  3. Love this! & I'm OBSESSED with that song!!!!! (and the whole album)
    Love you both.


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