Thursday, March 28, 2013

wan•der•lust (ˈwɒn dərˌlʌst)

wan•der•lust (ˈwɒn dərˌlʌst) 


a strong desire or impulse to travel about.

I'm definitely in a season of wanderlust. About 5 months ago, Mr. H and I had a season where were on the road constantly, traveling from one place to another. For almost three months, we didn't spend more than 10 days in the same place--and most weeks we only spent 3 days in the same place. It was so much fun being on the road together going from place to place. 

As you know we love life being an adventure together. That being said, by the end of the three we were exhausted and ready to be in one place for a little while. We moved and that pulled me into full-on "nesting mode" (a.k.a. not wanting to eat, sleep, or leave our house until it was all in "place"--which it really never will be). Now, two months later, life is starting to settle in our new world and wanderlust is growing so strong I can hardly stand it. Dreams of grand adventures are floating through my head constantly. I'm ready to get in a car, hop on a plane, or do anything just to explore this great, beautiful world with my love by my side. 
-mrs. h

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