Monday, May 6, 2013

summer reading: cereal mag

Have you read Cereal Magazine? I'm a little obsessed. Not only because it's about food and travel - two of our passions here at mr.&mrs.h, but it's different than your typical travel magazine. It highlights places that aren't on the front cover of Travel&Leisure, Departures, etc (not that there's anything wrong with those), but it's just not the "same ol', same ol'" resort that's been covered a million times. 

Instead Cereal ventures to travel destinations that pique the imagination... somewhere a little off the beaten path or maybe a major city you've been to several times, but they'll cover a restaurant or shop that's doing something new and inventive. It's always educational too. For example, this past issue they covered pepper... one of the most common spices we use, but the history, and information was phenomenal. And, the previous issue they covered Ravello, Italy--a hidden jewel on the Amalfi Coast. Plus, the photography is gorgeous and there are few things I love reading more than a "cult-magazine" that inspires my appetite and adventures. 

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