Monday, May 13, 2013

the Plaid Apron: a knoxville café

A recent trip to our old stomping of East Tennessee allowed us to visit one of our all time favorites - The Plaid Apron.

To say we love the Plaid Apron is a vast understatement. The vision and passion that Drew (owner and head chef) and his wife, Bonnie, carry is felt, and tasted, throughout. From the menu to the design, the Plaid Apron truly is a "Knoxville café." As soon as you walk in the door, you are greeted by a laid-back, friendly atmosphere. The design is low-key, but so perfectly Southern with a twist (i.e. mason jar pendants and modern paintings of farm animals). And, then there's the food...

Bonnie & Drew McDonald


Drew's pursuit of excellence, as evidenced by his training at Blackberry Farm, Huka Lodge, and The Hermitage Hotel, elevates the breakfast and lunch experience to another level. The menu is constantly changing to bring in as many local, seasonal ingredients as possible. The effort to keep the menu fresh shows no matter what you're eating. From eggs benedict to salmon, the Plaid Apron does not disappoint. Next time you're in K-Town be sure to stop by the Plaid Apron... and tell them "mrs.&mrs.h said hello."

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