Friday, June 28, 2013

i like that boom boom pow

obsessed with these uniforms

Usually a rooftop bar or restaurant that boasts a 360º view of a city isn't at the top of my list. They tend to illicit mental pictures of cheesy, revolving restaurants that over charge you for mediocre service and bad food (not to mention getting nauseous as you spin throughout your meal). The Boom Boom Room (a.k.a. Top of the Standard), however, is "a whole 'nother" rooftop bar... think nostalgic-glam at it's finest. 

Spinning floors and poor service don't exist here. Instead, you're greeted by gorgeous cocktail waitresses while dapper bartenders make your drink under one of the most fabulous bars I've ever laid eyes on. I felt like I was transported back to one of Don Draper's hotspots. Everything from the delicious drinks to the amazing jazz band created a night with my girlfriends that I'll never forget. (Even the bathrooms were memorable--they had one of the best views I've seen of The City.) I'll sum up my Boom Boom Room experience with the rather appropriate words of Fergalicious, "I like that boom boom pow." 

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