Tuesday, August 20, 2013

geronimo restaurant | santa fe, nm

As you know, we have a "meals of a lifetime" list on the Mr.&Mrs.H Guide. Many factors can make a meal unforgettable. It doesn't have to be the best fine dining establishment you've ever been to, it could be a dive with unforgettable fresh seafood, or really amazing company around the table. There are so many aspects outside of the meal itself that make a meal unforgettable. But, at Geronimo Restaurant in Santa Fe the "it factor" was definitely the food. 

Now, the other factors were there as well... the company was amazing (some of the most precious people in my life were seated around me); I was in one of my favorite cities, Santa Fe, New Mexico; and, the restaurant is house in a home built in 1756 (which was the cherry-on-top because I have a nerdy level of obsession with history and architecture). The interiors are wonderful as well. The restaurant is warm and intimate, so true to place, and amazing art hangs on the walls (but, I wouldn't expect less in the art capital of the South West). 

Still, the. food.  I can't say enough. You can't go wrong. I loved everything, but my one piece of advice is listen to the wait staff... Mr. H did and he "won" on each course. (We have ordering battles where we go around and taste each person's choice to see who had the best one.) Even though all of our choices were to die for, Mr. H was hands down the winner. If you're not convinced already, it's so good I'd make a trip to Santa Fe just for a meal at Geronimo. However, Santa Fe is so wonderful you don't have to twist my arm to get me to make a trip to that enchanting city.

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