Wednesday, August 14, 2013

the value of rest

Mr. H and I are coming to the close of a very good season that's been full of hard work. When you love what you're doing and believe in the overarching vision of your work, hard work is such a gratifying thing. It gives you energy and life because you're passionate about seeing the vision fueling your work come into being. 

Still, even in the midst of passion, everyone needs to rest and take a break. That's why Mr. H and I love the hospitality industry. We think it's so necessary for our culture today. Our culture has become one that's obsessed with work and has little to no room for rest. If companies understood how much more productive their team would be if they encouraged them to rest and take a break from work, they would be forcing people to take vacation time. To me really excellent hospitality serves as a "hospital" for the epidemic of burnout around our country. It allows people to reconnect with the people the love, be filled up, experience needed relaxation and/or adventure, and go back to work with new energy and purpose. 

It's so tempting to try get into a boss's good graces by not taking vacation days, but the sacrifice isn't worth the reward. Make time to rest daily - it can be as simple as just sitting quietly in a room alone. Take a vacation, even if it's a stay-cation. Let hospitality be the "hospital" your body, soul, and spirit need. Rest is valuable and it will come back to serve you well in the end. 

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