Monday, August 26, 2013

true food kitchen

Have you ever wished that healthy eating was easy and always tasted great?  I've tried to eat a mainly raw diet several different times in the past few years, but the hassle and end result of most of my dishes deterred me from making it a lifestyle. But, as Marcus Mumford would say, "sigh no more" because Dr. Weil's True Food Kitchen takes all of my "road blocks" out of healthy eating and makes it convenient and tasty!

True Food Kitchen's slogan is "you don't have to be a die-hard Yogi to dine a True Food Kitchen" and it's so true. We were with a big group, some of us were intense health-nuts while others won't even eat a tomatoe. But, everyone walked away oohing-ahhing over their meal and their bodies thanked them for it too. 

The menu ranges from fresh salads to killer pizzas and juicy burgers. I've listed our favorite entrees below. But, I can't end without mentioned the "natural refreshments." These juices can't be missed on a trip to True Food Kitchen! They are all delicious and if you're with a group of people (who aren't weirded out by germs), I'd advise you to all order different juices because it's so fun to try a sip of all of them!

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Our suggestions: Wild Mushroom Pizza, Mediterranean Chopped Salad with shrimp, Grass Fed Bison Burger, and the Summer Market Salad. 

Find out if there's a True Food Kitchen near you!

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