Tuesday, August 27, 2013

tuesday thoughts on dreaming

We talk a lot about dreaming on the mr.&mrs.h guide. Some of you may read our thoughts on dreams and think Mr. H and are those rare, fearless individuals who aren't afraid to dream. Well, I hate to disapoint you, but we're not that. We are dreamers, but we are also the first to admit dreaming is scary

Believing something impossible is scary. Stepping out in hope for something that's deep within your heart is scary. What if it doesn't happen? What if I fail? What if it doesn't work? What if...? The "what if's" used to stop me from dreaming. At one point in my life my motto was to live life with no expectations. Expectations were too painful if they didn't happen. I always focused on the what if this doesn't happen. Ater a few years of living life that way, and hating the result, I found there's another what if. It's the what if this does happen and it's super powerful. 

It's powerful enough to take me, someone who was totally afraid of dreaming, and turn me into someone who now lives a life guided by dreams. Focusing on what if this does happen is a major key in dreaming. So, what are the dreams lying dormant within your heart? What if they happened? I've seen so many dreams come true in the past three years since I married a dreamer and began my own journey of dreaming. It's been scary at times but when a dream comes true it quiets the voice of what if this doesn't happen and the voice of what if this does happen grows stronger. Let your dreams become bigger than the fear. If it doesn't happen you'll keep living life as you are right now, but if it does happen you'll be living in your dreams. I think that's a risk worth taking. 

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