Friday, October 18, 2013

Adventurer Profile: Beth McCabe

We are thrilled to highlight Beth McCabe as our newest "adventurer" in our Adventurer Profiles. We became friends with Beth during our time at Blackberry Farm, where Beth serves as an Event Manager. Although her job sounds glamorous - and there are many perks (celebs, beautiful events, etc.) - the chaotic schedule that comes with running events at one of the world's leading resorts can be consuming. Still, Beth manages to find time to keep travel a top priority in her life. 

We all have crazy lives and schedules that can prevent us from really living life - and many of us find ourselves falling into the trap of existing through the day-to-day. But, life is such a beautiful gift and it's so critical to find a work/life balance that  allows us to suck in every drop of life at work and at play. Beth always inspires the two of us to do just that. As you read Beth's top spots and travel tips, we hope you too are inspired to make time for travel so when you look back on this life you can say you worked hard and played hard. 

MMH: Do you have a favorite place you've traveled? 
BM: I suppose I have become a repeat offender and throw it back quite often.  So, when I fell in love with New York City so I moved there for 4 months to do an “internship” my father likes to say that I was on his Full Scholarship.  We differ in terms.  Needless to say, I try and make it there at least twice a year.  Then I have started to make an annual Napa Trip.  However, if I had to narrow it down, I would have to say Great Britain in general.  My mother lived in England for 2 years.  My my older sister, Campbell, and I decided to piggy-back a trip to see her that just happened to fall over the Open Championship in 2007 (this was not a coincidence).  On the day of our departure… I may have missed my train in Manchester, therefore missing my flight to the States.  My mother scooped me and we spent the day in a little town called Knutsford, England and traveled all over.  I am in love with British sense of humor and landscape.  Oh and a girl has to love some Italy… so I have quite a few.

MMH: What does your perfect Saturday look like? 
BM: Fall: Football… Tailgate, crisp weather, the end.  Not Fall: Waking up on a trip in a great city with coffee and my sisters or best friends, The Wall Street Journal...Run/Yoga…cocktails, great food and new things.

MMH: Has working at one of the top destinations in the world changed your view of travel? 
BM: 100%.  I have always been a constant trip-planner. Whether it is a sporting event, concert, or visiting friends wherever they may be.  But working at Blackberry Farm has given me the a new desire to see the places I read about on a daily basis.  I pass the airport (tiny) every morning on the way to the Farm and I am always yelling at the planes “take me with you!!!!!!”  I think most of all Blackberry Farm as given me a greater appreciation for superstars in different industries, such as Chefs, Vintners, Musicians and even Athletes, thus making me want to experience their talents firsthand.   

MMH: If you can narrow it down to one, what is your favorite city/town you've visited during your travels? 
BM: Barcelona, Spain. I lived there during my Junior Year of College and was blown away by the culture, lifestyle and architecture.  I hope to go again sooner than later to see and experience it as an adult versus a College Sorority girl.

MMH: Favorite hotel? Why?
BM: Auberge du Soleil.  It is nestled in the hills of Rutherford, California.  It is the perfect setting, luxurious, but understated in the details which are important in the Hospitality Industry which I have learned!  Oh, and surrounded by a view of the Napa Valley Vineyards.  Yes, please.

MMH: Top three restaurants?  
BM: Freeman’s in the East Village, New York, New York– my loveable little sis (Haley) introduced me and I have been addicted since.  Husk in Charleston, South Carolina.  French Blue in Napa, California.

MMH: Most memorable travel experience? 
BM: Might be a toss up - The Vatican on Palm Sunday or St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin.  Total contradiction, but both experiences I wouldn’t trade.

MMH: Any other travel tips?  
BM: Be open to new people, experiences and cultures.  Being from the South there is a certain stigma of being a “certain way” so I think sometimes people miss out in the beauty of diversity.  My mother instilled the importance of travel at an early age and I have been lucky enough to see some of this beautiful world.  I am not finished, planning my next trip currently.

MMH: Beth, thanks so much for the interview. We love the way you live life and are honored to have you on the mr.&mrs.h guide!

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