Monday, October 21, 2013

trip planning: fathom

My new favorite travel resource is Fathom. They have a large range of city guides, tools/tips, and entertaining personal stories/travel inspiration. The aspect I love most about Fathom is the mission behind their blog. They say it best on their site, "Fathom celebrates all the reasons why we pack our bags, get on a plane, hitch a ride, and explore beyond our backyards." 

{via fathom}
Their search categories fall in line with their mission -- you search based on why you travel. Each page says, "I travel for: stuff, food, thrill, chill, kids, culture, quirk, scenery, romance, good" and you choose one of the categories. Because they cover such a gamut of topics, there's always something incredibly enticing for this insatiable traveler. Currently, their features include: 10 Travel Bargains That Aren't Worth It, Is Cairo Safe to Visit Now?, 16 Tips for Avoiding an Epic Travel Fail, My Best Souvenir, and I Spent Fashion Week in a Convent. How can you not find at least one of those interesting?

{via fathom}
Whether you want to take a spontaneous road trip, travel the world, or explore your own city, I'd make a trip over to Fathom to see if any of their recommendations tickle your fancy. 
- mrs.h

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