Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the maps of ed fairburn

Ink on a 1977 road map of Germany
Because of our love of travel, Mr. H and I have a few maps that gracing our office walls. And, I now have a new set of maps I'd like to add to the collection... the maps of Ed Fairbun. 

Ed Fairburn's maps combine the geography of the world with the geography of the human face. His work is incredibly thoughtful and beautiful. Although, we normally don't highlight art on the blog, Fairburn's work seemed an appropriate fit for the mr.&mrs.h guide due to it's connection with travel and exploration. Take a moment out of your work day and enjoy...

Ink on a vintage street map of Cambridge
Pencil on a geological map of Colorado
Ink on an original street map of Paris
Blue Moon, pencil on a lunar map 
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