Tuesday, November 19, 2013

otto's german bistro | fredericksburg, tx

Although many of our readers are foodies, I'm sure most of you aren't German food connoisseurs. (My hometown was settled by Germans, but I can count on one hand the number of times I've ever eaten German.) And, for those of you who think "German food" and have images of bad sausages, bland sides, and less than appetizing presentations, you aren't alone. 

{courtesy of Claire McCormack Photography}
Having said all that, don't write German food off until you've eaten at Otto's German Bistro! During a recent trip to Fredericksburg, Texas (a charming German town nestled in the Hill Country), Mr. H and I ate dinner at Otto's. It was of the most memorable meals I've had this year. Because it's German cuisine it's something so different from any other meal I've eaten. Annnd, not only is it German, but it's creative, cutting-edge and completely unique! It's was so fresh and incredibly tasty. I'm craving a Flammkuchen (the amazing German flatbread, which for all practical purposes could be described as a "German pizza") just thinking about Otto's. Not only is the food wonderful, but the drinks are out of this world as well. Seriously, do yourself a favor and ask John (the owner/amazing mixologist) to surprise you with one of his creations... you won't be disappointed!     {images are by the incredibly talented Claire McCormack - check out her interview on the mr.&mrs.h guide}

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