Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Amen Street Fish & Raw Bar | Charleston, SC

On a recent trip to Charleston, Mr. H and I had the good pleasure of dining at Amen Street Fish & Raw Bar. We were shouting "amens" to their menu when we left. It was delicious! And, as you know, I'm a sucker for anything with history. They've done an excellent job preserving the original 1800's architecture while adding contemporary elements with an ode to Charleston (i.e. the fabulous oyster chandeliers). 

The name of the restaurant has historic significance as well. According to the restaurant's story, Amen Street began as Wragg’s Alley, a small passage through Samuel Wragg’s property, running from East Bay to Motte Street (now part of State Street). By 1788, Wragg’s Alley had been extended westward to Church Street and renamed Amen Street. According to tradition this name was given because “amens” could often be heard from two nearby churches – St. Philip’s and the Methodist Meeting House. In 1839, Amen Street was absorbed into the widened and extended throughway, Cumberland Street. Unfortunately from that time until now the colorful name had disappeared. In several areas of the restaurant are displayed authentic maps and documents from various years depicting “Amen Street” rediscovered by Charleston Historian, Robert Stockton. How perfectly Southern is that history? I love it!

Amen Street // mr.&mrs.h's favorites:
➺ Baked Local Oysters
➺ Tuna Tacos
➺ Seared Scallops

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