Monday, January 6, 2014

Our First of the Year Tradition // Alys Beach

New Year traditions bring to mind champagne, sparkling clothes, festive hats, and midnight. We do all that on New Year's Eve, but our favorite New Year tradition involves afternoon coffee, Florida, and a legal pad. Last year, we started a tradition of going to Alys Beach and devoting a day to dreaming/setting goals for our upcoming year. We go to Fonville Press (Alys's coffee shop) and brainstorm about our hopes, dreams, practical life steps, and more. It's amazing to look back and see how the impossible and the practical things we talk about happen throughout the year. Of course some of them work out differently than we plan, but it's usually in a way that's so much better than we could ask or imagine (even if it's harder at times, those hard seasons still have a beauty and an intimacy that doesn't happen during the "lighter seasons" of life). 

Yes, most of us have resolutions this time of year. But, making a dream list and a practical life list is so different. It orients your priorities for the rest of the year and keeps you mindful about what's in your heart - instead of just getting lost in the mundane. If you have never started a year off with a Vision Plan for the New Year, we'd highly encourage you do to it. It's not to late... you'll be glad you did! It's amazing what's possible in 365 days. 

(And, if you've never been to Alys Beach - put it on your list. It's on the Florida Panhandle, near Seaside, Florida. And, it is one of my favorite spots. You've feel as if you were transported to another world. We love starting our year off there because it's the perfect place for a little infusion of dreaming since it feels like such an escape from reality.)

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