Friday, January 17, 2014

Birthday Dinner :: Oxheart | Houston

Mr. H: Mrs. H and I were in Houston with some friends for my birthday, and they suggested that we go to Oxheart for dinner.

To give a bit of context - I wish I was one of those people who didn't care about their birthday. I actually try to convince people around me that I don't care, but as my loving wife can tell you, I secretly care. I secretly want it to be the best day of the year. I secretly want great food, good company, and yes, lots of attention. So although our friends didn't know it, there was a lot at stake.

{We love that Oxheart takes "local" a step further by using locally made knives, ceramics, and aprons.}
I don't know if Mrs. H slipped them some reconnaissance on the side, but they sure did know how to do it right for the big 28. I love everything about Oxheart - the drive to a strange part of town, the cool corner building, every single item on the tasting menu, and last but not least, our waiters suggestion for where to get the best Chinese in China Town (more on that in a future post). 

{Mrs. H: I love the random vignette with chinese cats, canned goods, and favorite cookbooks. The industrial-chic interiors mixed with strange odds and ins totally appeals to my weird side.}
Mrs. H: And, now it's my turn to interrupt... you know there are those rare times on the blog when we both have to get our two cents in. Usually that happens because we love a restaurant or hotel experience so much we both want to talk about it, which is exactly what's happening now. So, here's Oxheart from my perspective... Oxheart has one of the most creative menus I've ever experienced. They take unlikely local ingredients - like muscadines - and turn them into  some of the most interesting dishes I've tasted (the muscadine dish mimicked the flavor of gummy bears. Strange, I know. It was one of the craziest textures and tastes I've tried and I loved every bite of it.) . My personal favorite was the pancake with beef fat. Ladies, I know what you're thinking... sounds gross, but it was heaven in your mouth. 

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Oxheart's originality didn't stop with the dishes, the drink pairings included a Texas beer and an orange wine among others. Every course brought a new experience for the senses. It's not easy to find a restaurant that offers tastes you've never experienced, but Oxheart does just that. Our meal at Oxheart was undoubtedly one of the coolest "tasting adventures" I've ever had and I can't imagine a more perfect way to celebrate Mr. H than taking a "tasting adventure" with people we love!

{if you aren't heading to Houston anytime soon, but would love to try the tastes of Oxheart, check out Bon Appetit's "How - To Host Your Own Pop Up Restaurant with This Tasty (and Affordable) Tasting Menu"  featuring Chef Justin Yu from Oxheart.}

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