Tuesday, June 18, 2013

don't let your dreams be dreams

We've mentioned before that we're really into dreams here at mr.&mrs.h. We believe in the beauty of dreams and that dreams come true. We believe dreams have a purpose in pulling us into the person we were made to be. As Andrea Scher said, "Dreams pull us toward a new version of ourselves. If our aim is to become fully who we are, then our dreams are like a moon pulling the tides. Even before we achieve a dream, we are becoming the kind of person who makes those kinds of dreams come true."

So, you may be wondering what this has to do with travel or hospitality consulting? Well, everything. Most people want to travel and live life fully, but the daily tasks get in the way. They put dreams aside to accomplish the practical. Don't get me wrong the practical issues of life are important, but it's also important to make room for dreams. 

I've wanted to go to Europe with mr.h for the past two years, so we've saved and made a lot of sacrifices to do so. Finally, in the past few months we've saved enough to meet our goal! There were a lot of times in that process that it seemed better to put the money towards our "down payment fund" or a smaller, more attainable trip. Now, I'm so glad we waited and kept dreaming. It was totally worth it and it inspired me to keep dreaming about our dreams that are way bigger than a trip to Europe. Each little dream that happens seems to make the bigger ones more tangible. 

What are your dreams? If it seems scary to dream, start with something little. It doesn't have to be about travel. I have dreams about everything from having a garden to seeing hotels and restaurants come into the fullness of what was in the owner's original vision. Don't worry about what the dream is, just don't let your dreams be dreams. This life is so beautiful. Don't you want to live it fully, richly, and deeply? I know I do. 

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