Friday, July 19, 2013

bon weekend | kinfolk saturdays: in charleston

Kinfolk magazine is one of my favorite magazines. When I read Kinfolk I'm always inspired to live life simply yet beautifully with the people I love. Kinfolk is based around the idea of sharing life with others through food, travel, art, etc. As the staff at Kinfolk describe it, "Kinfolk provides a space where we can come together and share ideas about small gatherings, casual entertaining and great things to cook, make and do." 

This month Kinfolk began producing Kinfolk Saturdays films to "give you ideas for things to do on weekends, inspire you to try new things and make the most of your precious days off." At mr.&mrs.h, we love anything that inspires us to create, discover, explore, and live life fully. So, here's some inspiration to make the most of your weekend... 
Bon Weekend! 

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